return policy

return + refund policy

Published July 8, 2016


We like to keep things simple and upfront at LAFORGE Optical, so we created the following policies as a catchall for current & future product offerings.

Pre-order refunds

You can cancel your pre-order at any time for any reason, so long as your product has not been shipped. Simply email, add your invoice number and full name, and we will take care of you. Please note, because the product has now entered manufacturing development, it will take 6 to 8 weeks for your funds to be returned. Funds will returned via Bank wire transfer or via a mailed check once you have completed forms to confirm your identity and pre-order details. International refund request may take longer due to longer intermediate bank processing times.

Returns and Exchange Policy For Eyewear That Has Been Shipped

Once we have received confirmation that your eyewear has been delivered, the following timeframes take effect:

  • You have 2 days to file a claim for damage to the eyewear during shipping.
  • You have 14 days to request a refund for the eyewear.
  • You have 14 days to request a change of prescription.

Please email to process a return or refund.

Refunds Older than 90 days

If your pre-order or order is older than 90 days, we can mail you a check or wire the funds directly to your bank. If you choose a bank wire, we will reach out to you on an individual basis to request additional information. If you are in the US, these wires take one business day, if processed before 1PM Pacific Time. If you are in another country, it typically takes less than 3 days for funds to clear, but in certain countries it may take a week or more depending on your bank’s policies.

Wrong prescription

If you receive eyewear and the prescription is not right or you get dizzy while using it, an error in the PD or prescription is likely the culprit. In cases where this occurs, please email and we will give you instructions on where to send the eyewear. Once received, you will be contacted by someone at LAFORGE Optical to assist you with a fitting and then a new pair will be sent to you once we have received your original pair.

Defects, Design Flaws, and “Bricked” Eyewear

We will exchange any eyewear at anytime up to 3 years after purchase if we discover a design flaw or if you discover a defect. “Bricked” eyewear, is eyewear where the electronics have ceased to work. If we discover that this was the result of a design or manufacturing flaw we will exchange it. If we discover that it was the result of tampering with the operating system or the device itself we will not issue a refund. To report defects, design flaws, and bricked eyewear please email

Broken Eyewear

We handle broken eyewear on a case by case basis. But do assume that if you break the eyewear by stepping on them, driving over them, or something else that was clearly not within the realm of "intended use" that we will not honor a “dollar for dollar” exchange.