meet shima

Meet Shima

We're giving you fresh stylish looks combined with the benefits of Augmented Reality

Alpha: How the evolution begins

A limited time offer that gives you access and influence, and keeps you at the "front of the line"


You'll feel good about the details others will see

Fresh looks

We're starting with four* frames, but virtually any style is possible.

half & half

infinite loop

mister DJ


*Images show pre-production eyewear. Actual eyewear may vary.

Available in your prescription (at no extra charge)

no prescription

single vision

multifocal progressive

50/50 Weight Balance

Shima stays on your face, and won't lean or sag to one side.

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shima by LAFORGE


Augmented, not interrupted


A speed-sensitive feature that curates content in the correct contexts.

    Drive mode:

  • shows turn-by-turn directions
  • estimates time of arrival
  • displays current street
  • previews upcoming turns
  • works with the map app of your choice
  • mutes most other notifications

    In normal mode, you can:

  • view notifications
  • control and listen to your music
  • view date & time
  • use 3rd Party Widgets
  • use teleprompter
  • view Caller ID
  • take a picture*
  • record Vine videos*

        *available on Beta Bold

    In active mode, you can:

  • View running and cycling routes
  • Use step counter
  • View number of floors climbed
  • View miles ran or walked
  • View performance data from other wearables*
  • Virtually race yourself or friends*

*available on Beta models

Phantom Display™

Always in focus, no matter where you look

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shima by LAFORGE


At about 28 grams, shima weighs the same as most prescription eyewear from Warby Parker.


Our digital eyewear runs mods that let you see content on our Phantom Display. Mods talk to apps on your iOS and Android devices.

3rd-Party developers will be able to release mods on Beta Bold.

Intelligent Execution

Optics designed to keep you looking straight ahead

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shima by LAFORGE

how you look when you wear it